• 9th birthday!
    Our company was founded exactly on 28 march, 2008. On this occasion we celebrated another year of company existence. more »
  • New Tracker - Leica Absolute Tracker AT960
    In connection with the development department 3D measurements we bought another tracker - the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960. We are the third company in Poland, which has acquired a unique device. That greatly Increases our ability to measurements more »
  • New logo! New Corporate Identity.
    We are pleased to introduce our new logo. The logo is a symbol of the changes that ProPoint undergone in the past two years. more »
    The Programmer's Day is always celebrated in 256 day of the year, and so in the year it is accessible today, of 12 September.The day is of course not random because the number of all 256 possible values of a single byte of information in the most popular 8-bit characters. more »
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