In connection with the signing of an agreement with the National Centre for Research and Development has ProPoint Sp. o.o. Sp. k started the project, "Development of an innovative simulation system for virtual commissioning of industrial automation processes dedicated for the automotive and aviation industry in the scope of robotization, control and visualization systems based on mathematical models of real objects" .

THE PROJECT GOAL IS TO CARRY OUT INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT WORKS MEANT TO DEVELOP A WORLDWIDE INNOVATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE AND UNIVERSAL SIMULATION SYSTEM THAT WOULD ENABLE VIRTUAL COMMISSIONING (VC) OF INDUSTRIAL PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS. Based on that solution the Applicant will simultaneously start the provision of a comprehensive service consisting in the VC of industrial process management systems, according to the individual requirements of ordering entities. The service planned for implementation will allow VC of new, recently created structures, and also the assessment of operating quality and also possibly improving it in case of systems that are already operational.